cPanel 2

Some hints about using your cPanel

Email 4

All the info you need when setting up or using email from your webhosting account.

General Help 1

Questions pertaining to general help with your cPanel.

Most Popular Articles

 Can I access my emails remotely from any browser?

You sure can. If you enter the domain of your website in the address bar of a browser and...

 Adding an email account.

Adding an email account is a very simple procedure but does require a bit of attention. First,...

 How do I setup my email program to access my emails?

On the list of email accounts below where you enter new accounts you will see a group of icons...

 What is the default address and is it important?

The default address determines how the server will respond to emails sent to your server...

 How do I access my cPanel?

Through the Green "Active" button on your account page.

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