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DAT Transfer to Digital

Dunedin Media provides DAT Transfer to Digital services.DAT transfer to digital. Yeah, it sounds redundant. But search terms being what they are, I’ll go with that. It’s basically a digital signal on magnetic tape to a digital file. The transfer never leaves the digital domain so the original tape in copied in the same format as it was recorded. From there it can be transformed into an mp3 file or any other type of digital audio file you want.

When transferring a DAT tape, it is copied as one continuous audio file. That file can then be edited into separate song files or left in that long form. Obviously, if you want it edited down into separate song files that takes a bit more time. That means there is a bit more cost. The same goes if you want those files converted into mp3 files. So, as you can see, a DAT transfer to digital can be a simple run through or a more involved process.