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VHS Transfer to Digital

VHS transfer to digital is one of our most popular services. We are located in Dunedin FL and service Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Ozona, and all the neighboring communities. We understand how precious your memories are. Our customers do not want to chance having their only copies of those memories possibly getting lost or damaged in shipping.

Because most VHS tapes are old, sometimes 30 or more years, there may be problems with them playing back. We review them and alert you to any issues so you can decide if they are worth copying. We also do not charge for repairing cassettes that have mechanical issues if we can resolve the issue and copy them.

We do not charge a flat rate per tape because many times your VHS tapes are different lengths. Copying tapes is a “real time” job. They could have been recorded at 2 hr (SP), 4 hr (EP), or 6 hr (SLP) speed. So we use $15 per tape as a best estimate. Many if not most times it actually costs less than that especially on large orders of 10 or more tapes.

We also do SVHS transfer, VHS-C transfer, Mini DV transfer, HDV transfer, 8mm transfer, Hi-8MM transfer, and Digital 8mm transfer. So whatever consumer level videotapes you may have, we can handle them.

All tapes are copied to a thumb drive in mp4 format so that they can be played on just about any device.

VHS transfer to digital Google Reviews:
  • I had a bag of old vhs tapes that Mike converted for me onto a flash drive. He was professional and completed the job reliably. I am very happy with his work. I highly recommend him. – AMS
  • Copied a very old cassette on to a cd for me. Quick service and reasonable. – William Z.
  • Great job coping my vhs family tapes to a computer stick vs a dvd. – Ezio M.
  • i have used his services twice and i will recommend him to anyone that ask me about getting a video converted to DVD and flash drive as well as a cassette to cd in a very timely manner, he is very good at this and for a very good price. – Dave E.
  • Mike did a great job transferring many family videos to a USB in an extremely timely manner. Thanks, Mike! – Phyllis S.
  • We wanted to see what was on a bunch of old family videos so we did a web search and found Mike at Dunedin Media who could transfer these onto a flash drive. Mike had this done in two days and presented us with a flash drive that we plugged in and were then able to take a beautiful walk down memory lane. It was very cool for our family to revisit these warm memories and now we have them on a format so we can watch them anytime and share them with others. Mike was very helpful and professional and his work was quick, quality and economical. Very much appreciated. – Danny P.
  • It was a pleasure dealing with Mike. Outstanding work! I was extremely pleased with his work, and timeliness of completion. – Mary G.
  • Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value – Diane G.
  • Had some 30+ year old Video-8 tapes. Gave Mike a call and met home. He had the transfer to DVD done in a few days and I can now relive some old memories. He did a great job and was easy to work with. – Bruce L.